Councillor McCann Meeting Report (February 21, 2017)

Parry Sound Area Industrial Park Board Meeting
On Thursday, February 9th with Councillors Borneman and Keith, I attended the monthly meeting of the Parry Sound Area Industrial Park Board.

Parry Sound Area Industrial ParkFinancials for 2016 were reviewed and accepted.

Pursuant to the Ontario Regulation 319/08 Small Drinking Water Systems, a Summary Report for 2016 was prepared by the Municipality of McDougall Environmental Services Supervisor.  Our system is in great shape.  There were no incidents to report throughout 2016.  The system was designed to allow for expansion and current demands, however the report indicates that the system in its production and output is currently exceeding the daily demand.

The Wastewater Treatment Lagoons Performance Report for 2016 was also presented.  We have complied with discharge requirements and objectives for 2016.  As well there are no outstanding issues.

The Lagoons have provided a great revenue flow for the park.

Securing broadband continues to be a challenge for the park and we are hopeful that in the foreseeable future, a service provider and required infrastructure will all come to fruition.