Councillor McCann Meeting Report (June 6, 2017)

Belvedere Heights Board of Management Monthly Meeting
On Wednesday, May 24th, I attended monthly board meeting for Belvedere Heights.  A number of business items and housekeeping matters including financial reports were discussed and reviewed.  The future of parking at Belvedere was discussed and deferred to an ad-hoc committee previously struck to investigate possible solutions.

West Parry Sound Health CentreWest Parry Sound Health Centre Municipal Meeting
On Monday, May 29th, I attended the West Parry Sound Health Centre Municipal Meeting at which we were brought up to date on happenings at the Health Centre and generally on health care funding.  Special funding through the centre's foundation will provide for electronic health records.  Funding will go not only towards the software and hardware required, but to manpower and training.

There was plenty of discussion surrounding "sub LHIN's" and focusing on preventative measures to keep people healthy by incorporating good habits of exercise, eating, nutrition and regular checkups and such.  The overall idea is that we will save money if we keep our population healthy.  So, "Population Health" is a term we may hear from time to time as we move forward.   The concept of sub LHIN's is to organize and mobilize local partners such as the hospital, medical centres, DSAB, health units, long term care facilities and so on to encourage a healthy population.  The conundrum may well be, that in theory this makes perfect sense, but mobilizing these partners as front line components could be easier said than done as we appreciate that everyone on the front line is overworked now.

Second Annual Celebrating Youth Awards Event
On Saturday, June 3rd, my wife and I attended the Second Annual Celebrating Youth Awards Event at the Stockey Centre.  Congratulations to all our youth and their families.  It is so encouraging to see such spirit, dedication, ambition and vision in our youth of today, our future!

Town of Parry Sound Civic Scholarship Program
Yesterday, June 5th, I met with Councillor Keith and Rob Mems, regarding the Town of Parry Sound Civic Scholarship Program and we will be announcing this year’s recipient at the next regular Council Meeting on June 20th.

Hair Shearing Event for Cancer Victims       
On Wednesday of next week, June 14th, there will be a special event at MaryJo's Hairstyling, 69 Bowes Street, Parry Sound.  Six individuals will be having their long hair MaryJo's Hair Stylingcut for cancer victims.  Pastor Leon Van Dyke, Dr. Bill Smyth, three of his sons (Ray, Ryan and Rudy), and Darcy Weeks will become a little lighter.  The public is invited to drop in on this day.  Congratulations to Ryan Smyth winning in his age category Saturday night (13-14) at the Celebrating Youth Awards Event at the Stockey Centre. His brother Ray was also nominated in his particular age group. 

I would also like to give a shout-out to young, five-year-old Nicky McCans who has had his hair cut.  His hair will also be donated.

As of Friday, June 9th, the list of those having their hair cut for cancer victims has grown to eight!

In the Picture Above: MaryJo's staff! From left to right, Tina Edgar, Kaitie Whitehall, Jessica Blacquier, Verity Watson and Maryjo Kansik
Lower Picture:  Five-Year-Old Nicky McCans holding his hair which was just cut and will be donated as well!