Councillor McCann Meeting Report (August 14, 2018)

Special Parry Sound Council Meeting
On Tuesday, July 24, 2018, I attended a Special Parry Sound Council Meeting.

Parry Sound Area Industrial Park Board Meeting   
On Thursday, August 9, 2018, with Councillors Borneman and Keith, I attended the Parry Sound Area Industrial Park Board Meeting.  Business as usual.  Financials accepted.  Much conversation on the idea of paving or hard covering of the roads throughout the park.  More information on costs and strategy to be explored and considered in the foreseeable future.

Friends of Belvedere Secure Can and Bottle Collection Receptacle Unveiling

Left to Right; Karen Insley Stewart, David Stewart, Betty-Jo Peltomaki, Marsha Rivers, Doug McCann, Pauline Hinds, Bev Forbes, Debbie Zulak, Norma Romannelli, Lee Riedel, Mario Buszynski, Lynda McArthur, Darin Kroph, Elaine Melse,  Peter Koppisch, Debbie Allen.
Photo by Ed Simpson

On Monday, August 13, 2018 I attended a special event at the Brook's Road Transfer Station in Seguin Township.  The Friends of Belvedere held the unveiling of a new, secure, receptacle bin for the purpose of receiving donated beer cans and bottles, liquor glass and plastic bottles and aluminum pop cans.  This initiative is a collaborative between Friends of Belvedere, Kropf Industrial and Seguin Township. This double bin is a prototype and as many as six or seven more are planned.  These secure bins became necessary as individuals were stealing from the open bins and tubs.  On hand for this event were members of the Friends of Belvedere, Darin Kropf, General Manager of Kropf Industrial, Peter Koppisch, Director of Public Works for the Township of Seguin, Debi Allen, Waste & Landfill Coordinator, Seguin Township, Mario Buszynski, Ward Two Councillor for Seguin, Marsha Rivers, CEO of Belvedere Heights and members of the Belvedere Heights Board of Management.

Friends of Belvedere want to thank Seguin Township and Kropf Industrial for their dedication and support.  When you donate your pop cans, beer cans and bottles, and liquor glass and plastic bottles, 100% of the proceeds goes to benefit the seniors.  The money covers many items not provided by the levy.  In the long run, this results in keeping taxes just a bit lower and townships reduce their costs for shipping the recyclable material away due to a decrease in weight.  It really is a win-win all around.

Ribbon Cutting
Left to Right; Marsha Rivers CEO, Belvedere Heights; Elaine Melse, Friends of Belvedere Chair; Debbie Zulak, Belvedere Heights Board of Management Chair; Peter Koppisch, Director of Public Works Seguin Township; Debi Allen, Waste & Landfill Coordinator Seguin Township.

Bottom Row, Left to Right; Elaine Melse, Friends of Belvedere Chair; Mario Buszynski, Ward Two Councillor for Seguin Township; Peter Koppisch, Director of Public Works Seguin Township.

When I'm 64!
Finally, I would like to wish fellow Councillor Paul Borneman a very happy birthday today!  I won’t say how old he is, but the Beatles did have a great hit in 1967, “When I’m 64”!  I’m willing to bet that Elsa will still need him and feed him!!