Councillor McCann Meeting Report (January 16, 2018)

Belvedere Heights Monthly Board of Management Meeting
Belvedere Heights Home - Parry Sound
On Wednesday, December 20th, I attended the Belvedere Heights Monthly Board of Management meeting.  It was a fairly straight forward meeting in which Strategic Planning, Finances, CEO Evaluation and survey results were discussed.  The draft budget for 2018 was in its final stages.  Also the 'Safety and Security Capstone Project' was updated.  We had an update on the Adopt-A-Senior program in which 126 seniors benefited!  This year’s 'Tree of Memories' fundraising campaign proved to be a great success with $2,928.00 raised so far.  We also received a $500 donation from the Knights of Columbus, Parry Sound!  Thank you to everyone who has contributed to Belvedere Heights and its associated programs and fund raising initiatives.

Belvedere Heights 'Safety and Security Capstone Project' Presentation
On Thursday, January 4th, I attended a special meeting at Belvedere Heights in which the findings and recommendations of a special project were presented to the board and to stake holders.  You may recall that Belvedere Heights was selected as a project sponsor for a group completing a Capstone project through Conestoga College's Post Graduate Certificate in Project Management.  The results of The 'Safety and Security Capstone Project' were presented.  The project has been a great success in identifying ways and means to optimize and manage security at Belvedere.  Later in the afternoon, there was a second presentation with budget figures included for the board to consider.  It will now be the job for CEO and Board of Management to decide on how to move forward with budgeting and implementing the plan.  There are three phases of the plan which will allow Belvedere to spread out the cost of the entire plan should it proceed in any way.

Belvedere Heights Human Resources Committee Meeting
On Monday, January 8th, I attended a Belvedere Heights Human Resources Committee meeting.

Town of Parry Sound 2018 Budget MeetingTown of Parry Sound Council 2018 Budget Meeting
On Tuesday, January 9th, I attended an additional and what would be the final 2018 Budget Deliberations meeting.

Parry Sound Area Industrial Park Board Meeting
On Thursday, January 11th, with Councillors Borneman and Keith, I attended the Parry Sound Area Industrial Park Board Meeting.   Financial reports for December of 2017 were accepted.  

Park to Park Trail Association AGM and Regular Meeting
Park to Park Trail Association Board
(Photo: Left to Right, Steve Jemmitt, Andrew Ryeland, Les Purcell, Dale Graves, Don Berry, Bill Park, Nick Ryeland, Dave Stewart, Ron Walton, Gavin Courvoisier, Doug McCann, Peter Searle, absent are Dan Armour, Norm Hofstetter, Darrin O'Brien, Brent Stapleton)
The Park to Park Trail Association Annual General Meeting followed by a regular meeting were held on Thursday evening, January 11th, at the Nursing Station in Rosseau.  It has been a great year, although costly in repairing washouts throughout and especially the early part of the season.  Trail Pass sales for 2017 were up just over 27% of sales from 2016.  We have a new agreement with CFMOTO which will provide mutual benefits.  We will have the use of five vehicles, a value of $3,300 in signage, distribution of Park to Park Trail brochures, maps, and ongoing promotion of our web site, coverage at CFMOTO public events and marketing endeavours.  Our Association will be providing 72 complimentary trail passes that CFMOTO can use to encourage more use of the trails, spreading the word about our trail system.  We will also be providing exclusive sponsorship rights to CFMOTO and first right of refusal on any of our own sponsorship initiatives.  There are additional mutually beneficial initiatives.  The contractual agreement stretches over 5 years.  This opportunity to work with CFMOTO in this manner has been a few years in the making and our Association is pleased and proud to take part in such a partnership.  Also during the AGM financial statements ending September 30, 2017 were accepted.

The AGM was followed by a regular Park to Park Trail Association Quarterly Meeting.  Regular business was on this agenda.

Happy New Year in 2018Happy New Year for 2018
Finally, Happy New for 2018.  I take this opportunity to wish you and yours health, happiness and prosperity through 2018 and for many years to follow!