Councillor McCann Meeting Report (July 17, 2018)

Park to Park Trail Association Quarterly Board Meeting
On Thursday, July 5, 2018 I attended the Park to Park Trail Association Quarterly Board Meeting in Sprucedale.  On the agenda, a review of the June 2018 "Do It For Dads" ATV rally was a success.  Our Trail Ambassador Program continues to be effective with a healthy number of volunteers.

We did have a deputation regarding concern for turtles nesting on various parts of the trail.  The turtles' nesting habits from year to year, how deep the female lays her eggs, the hatching of the eggs and the idea of erecting special signage to protect sensitive areas of the trail have all come up for discussion and I believe we will be moving forward in partnership with local volunteers in association with experts who can properly guide us in this endeavour.  Always on the agenda is trail maintenance and bridge repairs.  Financial statements were accepted.  We had some discussion on participating in the "Ontario ATV One Province One Pass" initiative.  In so far as the Park to Park Trail Association taking part, discussions have only begun.  There is much to consider.  There should be more on this in the not too distant future.  There is a Facebook page for such a group, "Ontario ATV One Province One Pass".