Councillor McCann Meeting Report (June 19, 2018)

Canadian Forces Snowbirds AirshowCanadian Forces Snowbirds Airshow Committee Meeting
On Friday, June 8th, I attended our final Canadian Forces Snowbirds Airshow Committee Meeting as we wrapped up loose ends and reviewed the complete itinerary in preparation for events on Tuesday and Wednesday, June 12th and 13th.

295 MacPherson Squadron Royal Canadian Air Cadets 74th Annual Ceremonial Review
On Sunday afternoon, June 10th, I attended the 74th Annual Ceremonial Review of the 295 MacPherson Squadron Royal Canadian Air Cadets at the Kinsmen Park.  Congratulations to all the cadets on a fine review.  This year the Reviewing Officer was Mr. Albert Federico.  He was one of the original cadets of 295 MacPherson Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron.  He signed up in 1944.  The Cadets did Effective Speaking and Drill demonstrations.  FSgt Mok was awarded the Best Senior Cadet trophy for demonstrating the greatest aptitude for the Air Cadet program in the Squadron.  Corporal Maya Tiveron was presented the CO’s Award for Dress & Deportment, having excelled in uniform maintenance and drill.  A special note of congratulations is in order for the Deputy Commanding Officer and Training Officer, Captain David J. Coles.  Lieutenant Commander Raymond Turcott was in attendance to present the Canadian Forces Decoration, in acknowledgement and appreciation for his 12 years of service to Her Majesty as well as the valuable contribution to the youth of Canada.  Well done!  After the review, visitors and guests were invited to join the staff, officers and cadets for refreshments.
295 MacPherson Squadron Royal Canadian Air Cadets Review
Photos Above: Sherry Coles; Photos Below: Doug McCann

If your son or daughter is between the ages of 12 to 18 and has a desire to learn more about the air element of the Canadian Forces or has an interest in developing the attributes of leadership and good citizenship and wishes to promote physical fitness please contact our local squadron.  On line go to  Uniforms are supplied free of charge.

Parry Sound Town CouncilSpecial Closed Town Council Meeting
On Monday I attended a Special Closed Town Council Meeting regarding the Town's replacement for Rob Mens, C.E.O.  Mr. Mens is retiring at the end of this Council term.

Canadian Forces SnowbirdsCanadian Forces Snowbirds Airshow Event
The event we had all been waiting for finally arrived, the Canadian Forces Snowbirds Airshow!  On Tuesday, the Snowbirds arrived at the Parry Sound Area Municipal Airport.  The pilots and crew were welcomed by Committee Members, Sponsors and Guests!  The 295 MacPherson Squadron Royal Canadian Air Cadets were on hand and were treated to a close-up look at the planes, conversations with the pilots and crew and were provided with some autographed posters.  The VIP Dinner Tuesday evening at the Bobby Orr Community Centre provided a chance for the Snowbird pilots and crew a chance to meet and mingle with the sponsors and guests.  The food was great.  Presentations to the Snowbirds included personally autographed framed photos of Bobby Orr's, "The Goal" signed by Bobby himself. The Honorary Lieutenant General Richard Rohmer was the guest speaker.  Then on Wednesday, elementary school students had a chance to meet the Snowbirds and see the planes up close as they were treated to a visit to the Parry Sound Municipal Airport.  The weather cleared in the afternoon just long enough for the great show.  It was well attended and very much enjoyed.  A special thank you comes from Belvedere Heights where the residents and guests enjoyed a fabulous view of the airshow!  A big thank you goes out to the Snowbird Pilots and crew, James Massie, our key point person with the Snowbirds, the sponsors, staff and our committee members.

Belvedere Heights Special Committee Meetings
On Thursday, June 14, I attended special Committee Meetings at Belvedere Heights.  They included Strat Planning and Human Resources.  Regarding Strat Planning we reviewed the wording of our Strategic Plan commencing in this year of 2018.  Moving forward we are evaluating our vision, values, priorities, services, home environment, our focus on quality of life, innovation and efficient service delivery and our purpose.  We also initiated an approach to ensuring that Pay Equity has or will be realized at Belvedere Heights.  Pay Equity is equal pay for work of equal value.  In Ontario the Pay Equity Act requires employers to pay female jobs at least the same as male jobs if they are of comparable value.  Pay equity compares jobs usually done by women with different jobs usually done by men.  The value of jobs is based on the levels of skill, effort, responsibility and working conditions involved in doing the work.  Over the next few months we will be diligent in ensuring that we are up to date in this regard.  This will involve reviewing job descriptions and qualifications and reviewing our employment history Belvedere Heights Homein so far as examining positions and whether females held any positions that would have traditionally been held by males and determine that females have received equal pay for the work of equal value done by males.

Parry Sound Area Industrial ParkParry Sound Area Industrial Park Board Meeting
With Councillors Borneman and Keith, I attended the bi-monthly meeting of the Parry Sound Area Industrial Park Board Meeting.  It was a light meeting in which we accepted Financial Statements for the period ending April 30, 2018.  We decided on the purchase of a Bulk Water Hauler System, the AquaLoader Bulk Water Truckfill System.  In the Water Plant, the membranes have been functioning well and there are no anticipated problems any time soon.  An Automatic Emergency Defibrillator is now on site with an updated first-aid kit and spring flushing has been completed.  With regard to the lagoons, the pump station and sewer collection system are functioning with no issues.  Ice was late leaving the lagoons this year and so the spring treatment/discharge was pushed back 3 weeks.