Councillor McCann Meeting Report (June 4, 2019)

Belvedere Heights Board of Management Monthly Meeting
On Wednesday morning, May 22, 2019 along with Councillor Borneman, I attended the Belvedere Heights Board of Management Monthly Meeting.  Donald Garrioch of KPMG presented the 2018 Audited Financial Statements for Belvedere Heights Long Term Care and for Community Support Services.  The audited statements were accepted by the Board.  The CEO reminded the Board that the LHIN (Local Health Integration Network) remains in place and as such business is as usual, for now.  The CEO also attended a Nipissing OHT (Ontario Health Team) introductory planning session at Canadore College in North Bay on April 26, 2019 and also attended a West Parry Sound OHT planning session at the West Parry Sound Health Centre on May 8, 2019.  The objective was to complete the readiness self-assessment document which included identifying a target population and geographic service area in year 1 and the partnering organizations that would form the proposed OHT.  There was also discussion on the “Proposed Changes to Pharmacy Reimbursement Policies”.  These changes are being proposed to the regulations under the Ontario Drug Benefit Act that will change the reimbursement policies related to drug mark-up and professional services to residents of long-term care.  Monthly financial statements were accepted.

Honourary Dinner for Vince & Anita Chechock
My wife and I attended an honourary dinner for Vince and Anita Chechock hosted by the Parry Sound Friendship Centre Wednesday evening, May 22, 2019.  They were praised for their initiative and dedication to providing their community with a voice and a source of community information and a variety of music.  Several individuals spoke, thanking Vince and Anita for their work.  The evening was topped off with live entertainment.  We wish Anita and Vince all the best!

West Parry Sound District Museum Monthly Board Meeting
On Thursday evening, May 23, 2019 I attended the West Parry Sound District Museum Monthly Board Meeting.  There will be a display by Wasauksing First Nation, titled, "The 2019 Pottawatomi Gathering" coming July 1st in the E Roy Smith Gallery for three months.  The Treasurer's Report was reviewed and accepted.  We have selected a Young Canada Works (YCW) candidate for summer employment.  He is a local high school student.  We accepted a bid on a tender for a new floor in the E Roy Smith Gallery and the work will be done prior to the opening of the Railway model exhibit.  The board also reviewed our Gift Shop Policy.

Board Governance Training at Belvedere Heights
Tuesday, May 28, 2019 I attended a Board Governance Training session held at Belvedere Heights.