Councillor McCann Meeting Report (May 19, 2020)

Belvedere Heights Board of Management Monthly Meeting
On Wednesday, April 22, 2020 I participated in a Belvedere Heights Board of Management Monthly Meeting, electronically via ZOOM.  Discussions and updates centred around Emergency Management regarding COVID-19 and the erection of a thank you sign and gift cards in appreciation to front line workers.  Our Bed Application has been completed and submitted, also a report from our Life Lease manager and an update from Linda Taylor, Director of Community Support Services.  Our next Board of Management Meeting is set for next Wednesday, May 27, 2020, via ZOOM.

West Parry Sound District Museum Regular Monthly Board Meeting
On Thursday, April 23, 2020, I attended an electronic monthly board meeting for the West Parry Sound District Museum.
A report from our Emergency Response Committee outlined the remedial and renovation work following a pipe burst in the building.  There was another leak in the sprinkler system over the E. Roy Smith Gallery which also needed repair.  It is unlikely that the Museum will be able to self generate funds during the summer.   The Financial Committee will meet to discuss options and will return in May with recommendations for the Board.
Speaking of finances, we reviewed the Fundraising Committee Terms of Reference.  The Treasurer's report with Financials were received.  Our next Regular Monthly Board Meeting will take place next Thursday evening, May 28th, via ZOOM.

Parry Sound Public Library Business
While the Parry Sound Public Library remains closed, our CEO and staff have been working hard behind the scenes and keeping the Board up to date.  We are developing a policy for Curbside Pickup and should be announcing this service in the very near future.  Staff has also been busy with developing policy statements, including policies regarding Social Media Platforms and their use by Library staff and access and use by the public.  A Salary Compensation policy has been put in place, and a Safety, Security and Emergencies Plan which includes a Library Code of Behaviour is being defined.

Canadian Forces Snowbirds May 2020 Crash
We all heard the tragic news of the crash involving the Snowbirds on May 17, 2020 in Kamloops, British Columbia which took the life of Capt. Jenn Casey, the public affairs officer for the aerobatics team.  Many of us were wondering if she was part of the team that was here nearly two years ago.  She was not, but certainly are thoughts are with her family and with the team.  I think that when they were here in June of 2018 they received special treatment from the people of Parry Sound and the area and we all felt a special connection with them.  Our hearts are with them as well as our thoughts and prayers.