Councillor McCann Meeting Report (December 16, 2014)

Parry Sound EMS - Fire Department - Town of Parry SoundI attended the Emergency Exercise, on December 3rd, at the BOCC with other West Parry Sound municipalities.  This was a table top exercise to discuss our township’s preparedness for an emergency.  We talked about the following:
✓ What is an Infectious Virus:
✓ Infectious Disease and its Control
        In our group exercise, we had an objective which was to stimulate strategizing and planning for an infectious disease outbreak at the municipal level.
✓ What is an Emergency
✓ What does it mean to Declare a State of Emergency
        Are we as individuals (homes, households, businesses) prepared.  We discussed what should be in a personal or family emergency kit and that the kit must be self contained such as in a duffle bag so it can be taken if evacuation is immediate.

I attended my first meeting of the Parry Sound Area Industrial Park Board on December 11th, at the McDougall Township Office.  New board members were welcomed and brought up to date on some matters.  This was an opportunity to learn a bit about the Industrial Park and that there are about 100 jobs from the various businesses in the Park.

I am involved with the Victory School Commemorative DVD Project.  In light of the closing of Victory School later this year, this is a documentary & human interest presentation.  We had our first committee meeting on Monday, December 15th, at Victory School.  This project is all about celebrating Victory School and its unique history and impact in Parry Sound.  We will be focusing on the school spirit and the community that it created and harboured.  We have a great team of people on our committee including teachers, former principal, administration and parents, and adults who once attended the school.  We will eventually have a Facebook Page and web site,  These will promote the progress and the status of our project and will include teaser videos of interviews being taped.  These will also serve as a portal to collect content from the public at large.

Victory School is holding an Open House / Home Coming event on Saturday, May 30th, 2015.  Plans and details are in the works.  These plans are over and above the Recipes & Memories Cookbook the school is presently working on.

As this is our last meeting before Christmas, I want to take this time to wish the Mayor and Fellow Councillors, Parry Sound staff and the people of Parry Sound a very
Merry Christmas and peace and happiness in the New Year.  This is on behalf of myself and my wife Josey.