Councillor McCann Meeting Report (February 2, 2016)

West Parry Sound Refuge Program
West Parry Sound Refugee ProgramOn Saturday, January 23rd, the West Parry Sound Refuge Program held a meeting at St. Andrew’s in town.  We are well on our way.  Fund raising, donations of items including rental of a home have all been very successful, but we are still not quite there.  On our Agenda this evening, is an initiative to partner with the Town of Parry Sound in a fund raising event planned at the Charles W. Stockey Centre.

Council Budget Meeting
I was in attendance at the Town Council Budget Meeting on Tuesday, January 26th.

The Park To Park Trail Association
The Park to Park Trail Association sends its thanks and appreciation for financial assistance as included in the town’s 2016 budget.

Canadore College
West Parry Sound Campus - Canadore CollegeYou may have heard about a program Canadore College has been offering, a pre-apprenticeship program in which qualified candidates can train to be a Level 1 General  Carpenter.  I bring this up this evening not only to congratulate Canadore on obtaining the kind of funding needed but for having the initiative to bring forth the kind of education and training relevant to the needs of our area.

The college offers hope and a future to those, who for whatever reason or circumstances never did complete high school.  It's a chance to learn a trade and benefit from placement.  In speaking with Peter Istvan of Canadore Campus today, he was happy to speak of the great response to this.  Those qualified will go on to take the training free of charge, thanks to the funding, while others are provided with further learning opportunities and learning options.

Canadore will be offering more in the way of hospital and tourism programs in the near future.

Finally, Canadore is attempting to integrate into the community in several and creative ways.  As you know last year there was the gazebo project.  Right now, there are four bee hive homes that have been sent out to four schools in Parry Sound where students will paint them in any artistic fashion they may come up with.  I'm told bees don't care what colour the homes are!!   A location where bees are kept is called an (A PEE airy) apiary or "bee yard".