Councillor McCann Meeting Report (September 20, 2016)

The Association of Municipalities of Ontario:  "What's Next Ontario"
The Association of Municipalities of Ontario has been reaching out to its members, traveling from town to town, to city.  They made their presentation to us on Thursday morning, September 8th, in Council Chambers.  The theme was, "What’s Next Ontario".  This was followed by a round table discussion with reps from other municipalities.  Studying municipal costs and revenues versus what comes from the province, it is expected that municipal governments will need to find an extra 3.6 billion annually, on average, over the next 10 years. Funding the gap was the big question of the day.  Evaluating approaches, outlining proposed approaches was what the round table talk was about here and around the province.  Many Councils suggested that even raising the sales tax by one percentage point, assuming the province returns that portion, would do greatly in helping each town and city.  This is, assuming that existing provincial and federal election commitments are fulfilled and will continue on.

Park to Park Trail Association Board Meeting
Later that evening on Thursday, I attended the Park to Park Trail Association Board Meeting, held in Rosseau. It has been a good season. Some parts of the trail suffered major washouts from recent severe weather. Trail pass sales are on the increase.  We have a Trail Ambassador Program with 17 volunteers.  The organization has benefited from some 430 volunteer hours.   Over the last few years our ambassadors have been stopping trail users along the system and they have found there is a 96% compliance with trail permit ownership.
It had been as low as 75% not that long ago.

Park to Park Trail Association and the Prostate Extreme Team in association with CF Moto held the "Do It For Dads ATV Ride of Hope" in June.   It has grown from last year with some 100 participants this year and resulting in a gross revenue of $2,500.  From this amount, $1,700 goes towards Prostate Research and Awareness.

Parry Sound Area Industrial Park Board Meeting
On Thursday, September 15th, along with Councillor Keith, I attended the Parry Sound Area Industrial Park Board Meeting in McDougall.

West Parry Sound Refugee Program
By the way the West Parry Sound Refugee Program has received confirmation, finally, that our first of two families is expected to arrive in Parry Sound next week, September 26th.  There will be more on this later this week.