Councillor McCann Meeting Report (September 6, 2016)

Parry Sound Area ndustrial Park Board Meeting
On Thursday, August 11th, along with Councillor Borneman I attended a very quick  meeting of the Parry Sound Area Industrial Park Board.

Belvedere Heights Board Meeting
On Wednesday morning, August 24th, I attended the Belvedere Heights Monthly Board Meeting.  We are petitioning the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care to provide equitable funding to Long Term Care Homes to recruit and retain Nurse Practitioners.  Donna Dellio, our CEO will be speaking at the District of Parry Sound Municipal Association Meeting at the end of this month.  This meeting will be held at the Bobby Orr Community Centre  (Note: venue was changed to the Charles W. Stockey Centre due to maintenance at the arena).  Board members are seeking support in principal from their respective municipal Councils.