Councillor McCann Meeting Report (June 16, 2020)

Lakeland Holding Ltd. Annual Shareholders Meeting
On Friday, June 5, 2020, filling in for Mayor McGarvey, I represented the Town of Parry Sound at the Lakeland Holding Ltd. Annual Shareholders 2019 Annual Report & Business Plan.  The Town of Parry Sound is a shareholder in this company which oversees three separate corporations, Lakeland Distribution Ltd., Bracebridge Generation Ltd. and Lakeland Energy Ltd.  The event was handled electronically via WebEx.

Property Standards Committee Meeting
On Thursday, June 11, 2020 I attended an electronic meeting (via ZOOM) of the Property Standards Committee.  This was an orientation for the purpose of preparing ourselves for a pending appeal by a property owner.

Belvedere Heights Finance Committee Meeting
On Monday morning at 9:00, June 15, 2020 I attended a Belvedere Heights Finance Committee Meeting via ZOOM.  We reviewed Belvedere April 2020 Statements including the Statement of Revenue and Expenditures and the Statement of Revenue and Expenditures by funding envelope.  April disbursements were reviewed.  With the financial services of the West Parry Sound Health Centre, we are moving forward in a very positive and proactive means in managing not only our expenditures, budgets and revenues, but also with the benefit of forecasts.    I would take this opportunity to congratulate Kami Johnson and her staff for an excellent compliance report  The Ministry of Long Term Care inspectors were very recently on site for some two weeks and have issued a perfect report.  All orders, critical incidents, anything to do with compliance issues have been cleared or resolved.  Belvedere Heights has no outstanding issues.  In their words, Kami and our Board Chair Lynne Gregory, this has not happened in a long time.  Kami also expressed that this is something very challenging at the best of times, but to throw the COVID-19 matter into the equation and to come out with a clean report is just something else.  Therefore on behalf of our Board Chair, the Board of Management and to staff, congratulations and well done!

Parry Sound Public Library Board Meeting
With Councillor Vanessa Backman I attended the Parry Sound Public Library Board Meeting, today, June 16, 2020 at 9:00AM via ZOOM.  The meeting covered a number of matters including the acceptance and approval of various policies.  They include Operational Policies; Safety, Security & Emergencies in the Library, Reopening Library, Epidemic/Pandemic measures, Handling of Returned Materials During a Viral Pandemic, Social Media, Curbside Pick- up, Compensation.  Human Resources Policies; Mental Health and Safety.  Our Treasurer's Reports for March 31, 2020, April 30, 2020 and May, 31, 2020 were received and approved.  We also approved the 2019 Audit Report.

Demolition of St. Joseph's Hospital
I am very happy to see the demolition of St. Joseph's Hospital proceeding.  This once-landmark, now turned eyesore coming down will be a welcome relief to the people of Parry Sound, not to mention those who live so close to the building.

Congratulations to Parry Sound High School Student Natalie Loewen
Congratulations are in order for Parry Sound High School student Natalie Loewen who will be receiving the Schulich Leader Scholarship to study engineering at Western University.  The scholarship is a most generous one, amounting to $100,000.  The newspaper article goes on to state that she was chosen by the school's selection committee for her outstanding academic achievements and contributions to the school and broader community.  She is also the first nominee to win a Schulich Leader Scholarship at Parry Sound High School.  Well done and all the best in your future studies and career ambitions.

CBC Documentary Focuses on Rail Crash Victims and Their Survival
Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about a special documentary being produced by CBC.  You may recall the very horrific train derailment and crash on April 7, 1997 near Pointe Au Baril in which three area CP men were involved.  They all survived.  This documentary is being researched and put together by CBC's Dave Seglins, an investigative journalist.  His work includes exposés on global ticket scalping, offshore tax avoidance and government surveillance. He covers a range of domestic and international issues, including rail safety, policing, government and corporate corruption.  Dave was in town to interview Joe Moloney who was one of the three victims of the crash.  This special feature looks at how those who survived such derailments and crashes have coped in surviving their terrible ordeals.  The feature is now available here at  Given that both CN and CP trains run extensively through the Town of Parry Sound this is a most timely and interesting documentary with a great deal of local connection.