Councillor McCann Meeting Report (September 15, 2020)

Parry Sound Public Library Board Meeting
A number of housekeeping items were handled including the acceptance and approval of Financial Reports, our CEO's update on day-to-day business including managing for the library's soft reopening.  The library has received favourable coverage in the media and thank notes from patrons who are happy to be able to continue to avail themselves of the facilities of the library.  Our CEO and staff have done an excellent job in orchestrating new policies, managing for COVID-19 and marketing our services.  We have been advertising that the library is now open for limited hours.  Our library management and staff can take a bow with having established a reputation as a leader in our field and we have been contacted by a number of other Northern Ontario libraries for advice and samples of our policies.  This library has grown greatly and is turning heads across the province.  We also had a discussion on insurance coverage and are anxious to explore our best options out there.