Councillor McCann Meeting Report (October 20, 2020)

Parry Sound Public Library Monthly Board Meeting
On Tuesday, October 20, 2020 I attended, in person, the Parry Sound Public Library Monthly Board Meeting.  We discussed the need for a new Board Member, to sit as a representative of Parry Sound replacing Abbey Dudas who is off pursing further career goals.  Treasurer's Report and Financial Statements were received.  CEO, Rita Orr reported on Statistics on Commercial COVID 19.  The report will be presented to all Councils.  There was discussion regarding the promotion of Halloween in the downtown core between October 13th and the 28th.  Rita also reported on her participation in the "Political Accument:  The Municipal Panel and Start Status" via LearnHQ ( ).  The session was designed to learn how to understand and navigate the ever challenging and sometimes confusing or intimidating political landscape.  Rita discussed and explored a variety of topics with a panel of municipal Councillors.  Topics included advocacy with your local government, gaining support in challenging and changing times, building positive dialogue, relations and partnerships with municipal officials and staff.