Councillor McCann Meeting Report (November 3, 2020)

West Parry Sound District Museum Monthly Board Meeting
On Thursday evening, October 22, 2020 I attended the West Parry Sound District Museum Monthly Board Meeting, via ZOOM.  Regular business of the board included a review and acceptance of the Financial Report, Treasurer's Report and various committee reports.  The Board is expected to move ahead on a partnership with Trestle Brewing in Parry Sound regarding a new beer, "The Arrow".  The partnership is expected to bring about more awareness of the West Parry Sound District Museum.

Belvedere Heights Board of Management Monthly Meeting
On Wednesday morning, October 28, 2020 I attended the Belvedere Heights Board of Management Monthly Meeting, via ZOOM.  Highlighting the meeting was a presentation by Kathy Obrien of DDO Health Law regarding governance.  In a communique we learned that the Federal Government is considering National Standards for Long Term Care.  In the Speech from the Throne last month, the Federal government stated that it would be taking part in actions to set new, national standards for long term care.  The Federal government is promising $740 million in the Safe Restart Agreement to improve measures to control and present outbreaks including providing support from the Canadian Armed Forces and the Canadian Red Cross.  The government will also develop Criminal Code penalties for those who neglect or endanger seniors in their care.  Ontario will provide liability protection to some workers, businesses and non-profits against COVID-19 exposure-related lawsuits. This liability will be retro-active to March 17 2020.  In other Board news the Resident and Staff 2020 Immunization Campaign continues, there is the Renewal of Consultation Agreement with the West Parry Sound Health Centre to be considered and Financial and Committee Reports were received.  Community Support Services continues to phase in transportation services.  We have one Life Lease Unit for sale, Number 205.